Swimming Club Membership


Full MembershipChiang Mai residents are offered membership from 1 month to 12 months. Click here for details

Temporary Club MembershipTourists and visitors may buy temporary membership. For details please follow this link

chiang-mai-swimming-pool full text of terms and conditionsTerms and conditions apply to full members and temporary members. Please read here


Categories and Cost of Full Membership

 Type Description and Cost
Full Membership
Entry to pool and garden during opening hours.
Rules for lap swimming sessions apply when Members use the pool before 10:00 am and after 4.30 pm
Fixed membership subscription (no refunds):
12 months – 15,000 Baht
11 months – 14,500 Baht
10 months – 14.000 Baht
09 months – 13,500 Baht
08 months – 13,000 Baht
07 months – 12,500 Baht
06 months –  11,000 Baht
05 months –  10,000 Baht
04 months –   9,500 Baht
03 months –   9,000 Baht
02 months –   6,000 Baht
01 month   –   3,000 Baht
Terms and conditions of full membership
  • Membership fees are based on one entrance to the pool each day during the period of membership on a non-cumulative basis
  • The pool and gardens are open for 350 days of the year. We close for 5 days over the Thai New Year (13-15 April) and for a further 10 days on major Buddhist and Public holidays, including New Year’s Day, first day of Buddhist Lent, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Memorial Day commemorating the death of His Majesty King Rama IX. These dates vary in accordance with the lunar year and are posted on the club noticeboard.  Members may subscribe to our email list and receive an update each December of the following year’s closure schedule as a reminder two or three days before each event.
  • Except for the above closures, the pool is open daily from 7:00 am until 7:00 pm 7 days per week with the following caveats:
    • We reserve the right to close the pool for swimming classes, occasional private functions, and other events.  A Notice giving details of such events will be posted on the bulletin board at least 3 days in advance and members who have provided their current email address will receive notification via their “in-box”
    • In exceptional circumstances the pool may be closed without prior warning for unplanned maintenance, emergency repairs, or other unforeseen circumstances.  In such cases, members will automatically be compensated by extending their renewal dates for each day we are closed.
    • During routine cleaning of the pool, swimming is not permitted.
    • We open at 1000 hours on 25th December.
  • Membership is for the sole use of the individual and is not transferable to another person.
  • Continued membership depends on following Club regulations; we reserve the right to withdraw membership and refuse entry thereafter to any person who does not follow the rules.
  • Club membership does not include automatic entitlement to use of a sun bed.  During busy periods members may be asked to vacate a sun bed after 4 hours use.  Those with Family membership are requested to use only 2 sun beds when the pool is busy.
  • No refund or extensions will be given for time periods when members are, for example, away from Chiang Mai on holiday or business.
  • Towels are available for hire at an additional cos 30 Baht each. During busy periods, we require a deposit of 200 Baht, refunded when the towel is returned in good condition.  Members are encouraged to bring their own towels as this cuts down on our use of detergents
  • Membership cards must be shown to pool staff on request.
  • Fees are reviewed every December.

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Terms and Conditions of Membership and Temporary Membership

Full Text of Pool Rules and Regulations as displayed on the Swimming Club’s Notice Board

Whether you are staying with us a guest, or whether you are a full or temporary member of the Swimming Club, the following terms and conditions for using the swimming pools apply.

1. General

Our aim is to provide a relaxed and quiet environment where our members and guests can enjoy swimming, soaking up the sun, reading a book or engaging in other civilized activities.  To this end adherence to the following rules and regulations will ensure everyone enjoys their stay.

1.1 Entrance
  • Management reserves the right to refuse entry to the pools and gardens, and also reserves the right to eject any person who disregards any of the Swimming Pool Rules and Regulations.
  • Noisy, unruly, indecent and/or offensive behaviour will not be tolerated. This includes, but is not limited to, screaming, excessive shrieking, shouting, swearing, nudity (including swimming or sunbathing topless for females), drunkenness, expressions or acts of prejudice against other guests on the basis of race, colour, religious creed or sexual orientation. Offenders are liable to be ejected from the premises and banned for life.
  • Please use the toilets, and shower before entering the pool.  Persons suffering from any contagious disease are not allowed to enter the pool. Spitting and/or urinating into the pool are against local by-laws and we reserve the right to expel offenders.
  • Members and Guests are required to follow instructions from the pool staff at all times.
1.2 Children
  • A responsible adult must accompany each child under 13 years of age.
  • At all times children must be supervised by a parent or responsible guardian, in the ratio of one adult for every two children.
  • The parent or guardian of a child who cannot swim unaided for one width of the main pool must stay in the water with the child in their care.  If the child can swim, a parent or guardian should either be in the water with their children or sit next to the pool to ensure children swim in safety and do not unduly disturb other users.  Children who are not toilet trained, and incontinent individuals, are not allowed in the pools.
  • For safety and insurance reasons, running around and/or aggressively jumping into the pool is not allowed.  Racing dives by competent swimmers are permitted but care should be taken to ensure an obstacle-free entry into the water. The main pool is 25m (L) x 16m (W) and 1m (D) at the shallow end, increasing to 1.5m at the deep end.  The junior pool is 70 cm deep and the small children’s pool is 30 cm deep.
  • For the safety and comfort of all swimmers no inflatable beds / boats / toys of any kind are allowed in the main pool at any time.  In the small pool, parents must diligently supervise the use of such items by their children and ensure the safety of other users.
  • No ball games are allowed in the main pool without prior agreement from the management.
1.3 Lap swimming
  • The main pool is reserved exclusively for lap swimmers only between 7:00 am – 10:00 am (last entrance 9:15 am) and 4:30 pm – 6:45 pm (last entrance 6:15 pm). Pool gates are locked at 7:00 pm and the car park gate is locked at 7:15 pm. We reserve the right to close the pool, or a section of the pool, for the exclusive use of lap swimmers and/or swimming classes at other times of the day.  At all times, swimmers should be aware of others who are using the pool and always give way to lap swimmers.
1.4 Outside Food and Drinks
  • We provide a range of food and drinks at reasonable prices for your enjoyment and convenience. If you consume food and drink brought in from outside (with the exception of bottled drinking water) you will be charged a 100 Baht Picnic Fee for each person in your party.
1.5 Disclaimer
  • The Company will not accept any responsibility for consequences resulting from ignoring these regulations, including, but not limited to, the cost of legal action or medical bills in the event of an accident.
2. Parking

Car parking spaces, when available, are offered free of charge for the first 4 hours.  Thereafter a charge of 20 Baht per hour, or part thereof, is payable.  Car Parking Fees will be waived on expenditure in excess of 300 Baht on food and drink.  Please ask your waiter for a receipt for use on departure.

Please register your car with reception staff on entry.  We reserve the right to clamp any unregistered vehicles found in the car park and charge 500 Baht for its removal.

There is no charge for parking motorbikes and bicycles.

All vehicles park inside the grounds at the owner’s risk.  The Company accepts no responsibility for damage to, or theft or loss of property from any vehicle parked within the complex.

3. Valuables

You are responsible for the safety and security of your personal belongings at all times.  Lockers, used at your own risk, are available free of charge when available.  During busy times a deposit of 100 Baht is required, refunded when the key is returned to reception.

Lockers must be emptied on departure and may not under any circumstances be used for storage of personal belongings overnight.

4. Lap Swimming 7:00 am – 10:00 am and 4:30 pm – 6:45 pm

During these times, we strictly enforce lane discipline to provide serious swimmers with the opportunity for continuous uninterrupted lap swimming

When demand for this service is high, we reserve the right to group lanes together to provide a continuous swimming circle to accommodate more swimmers or organise swimmers into relay teams.

Early morning lap swimmers, who are not Swimming Club Members, are required to leave the pool by 10:15 am unless they pay the balance of the full Daily Entrance Fee. Members should consult the current terms and conditions for the applicable tariff.

5. Swimming Classes

Members and guests should note regular swimming classes for children are held on Saturday and Sunday mornings in the main pool. We reserve the right to close the pool(s) and/or sections of the gardens for other events.  Such events are posted on the notice board 3 days in advance.

6. Use of sun beds

Early arrival guests may not reserve sun beds for friends or relatives who are expected to arrive at a later time.  Sun beds are available on the basis of “first come – first served, one person – one bed”.

Please take care when moving sun beds to a different location or adjusting the back rest, and please return your sun bed to its original location and sitting position when you leave.

If a sun bed is not available when you arrive, we have a number of mats for sunbathing on the lawns.

7. Smoking

Smoking is allowed in the main pool garden area only.  Smokers must use an ashtray and should ensure drifting smoke does not disturb other guests.  If swimmers or people lounging by the poolside object to inhaling secondhand smoke, it is expected that smokers will respect the request to extinguish their cigarettes, pipes or cigars

Smoking in the toilets/shower room is prohibited by law. Please respect the health of our staff by not smoking at the Bar.
8. Showering

The outside showers are for fresh water showering only – the water is re-cycled for use in the gardens.  Shampoo and soap may be used in the toilet and shower block.  Please help conserve water resources by using only the water you need.

9. Entrance Fees

Current charges are displayed on the notice board.  Please note that entrance fees for both Swimming Club Members and Temporary Guests cover ONE ENTRY per day only.  This means that if you leave the premises and return later on the same day, an additional entrance fee will be charged.

10. Photographs

Please ask permission before taking photographs of people outside your immediate party.  If you take photographs of the pool and upload to the internet on a public forum, please send an email to info@therealcentreoftheuniverse.com with a link to your photographs.

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